Month: October 2019

Montessori and the Work Environment

Montessori is one of those things that often needs to be seen to be believed. This is why Montessori schools typically recommend that prospective families set up a time to observe the classroom in action. For many of us, especially those who attended a more traditional educational background, the concepts displayed in a Montessori classroom… Read more »

Meet Carolyn Burns: Confidence grows for Head of School at Palo Alto

The recent grand opening at Guidepost Montessori in Palo Alto has been a long time coming for Head of School Carolyn Burns. Two years ago, she was working for AltSchool, a San Francisco-based series of startup schools that focused on technology and project-based learning. Her school at 930 Emerson Street had over 60 students enrolled… Read more »

New to the Guidepost family: Get to know Yerba Buena

Guidepost Montessori at Yerba Buena is four floors of vibrant learning stacked up on an equally vibrant corner of the SoMa district in San Francisco. It’s bustling here: The clamorous city, the commuter families, long lunches down the block and vivacious energy burned at the Children’s Creativity Museum across the street. At Yerba Buena, your… Read more »

Introducing The Academy of Thought and Industry: A short brand film

The Academy of Thought and Industry is a special place. These vibrant communities of thriving students, supported by passionate guides, are explored in this short brand documentary film. The unique nature of the high school program is highlighted through the lens of four remarkable students, each on their own journey to explore their passions and… Read more »

Meet the staff and students at Fort Mason

Kate Moriarty was one of the first team members to open the doors at Fort Mason. When she arrived in 2014, it was an AltSchool and still in its pilot year. She joined maybe 20 others within the AltSchool network of schools at the time, eager to make a change in education. “I had three… Read more »

Resiliency and confidence: Parent community unites at Fort Mason

Walking into Guidepost Montessori at Fort Mason is like visiting Mom and Dad’s. The faces at the door greet you excitedly and warmly. There is color and light and pictures that make you smile, and the people within are so happy to see you that you are immediately grateful for making the decision to come…. Read more »

Q&A with Joel Mendes: MACTE accreditation confirms commitment to quality

The Prepared Montessorian, a toolkit for the Montessori professional, was recently accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). In conversation with Joel Mendes, the Executive Director of the Prepared Montessorian, we discussed what this means for the organization moving forward, and how it will ultimately impact prospective Montessori teachers worldwide.  Click here… Read more »

Q&A: Montessori trainings a natural evolution for the organization

Prepared Montessorian, Higher Ground’s professional development platform for the practicing adult Montessori educator, was recently accredited by MACTE. In conversation with Matt Bateman, Higher Ground’s Vice President of Content, we discuss the content, ideas, curriculum, and intention around Prepared Montessorian. Learn more about the origin of Prepared Montessorian here. What was the beginning of Prepared… Read more »

The genesis of Prepared Montessorian

Prepared Montessorian is a professional development platform seeking to provide the practicing adult Montessori educator with the “prepared environment” necessary to optimally guide the communities under her care. The whole genesis of our platform was to find a way to help adults become excellent Montessori educators in the shortest amount of time possible with the least… Read more »