Author: Angela Tewalt

Q&A with Joel Mendes: MACTE accreditation confirms commitment to quality

The Prepared Montessorian, a toolkit for the Montessori professional, was recently accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). In conversation with Joel Mendes, the Executive Director of the Prepared Montessorian, we discussed what this means for the organization moving forward, and how it will ultimately impact prospective Montessori teachers worldwide.  Click here… Read more »

Q&A: Montessori trainings a natural evolution for the organization

Prepared Montessorian, Higher Ground’s professional development platform for the practicing adult Montessori educator, was recently accredited by MACTE. In conversation with Matt Bateman, Higher Ground’s Vice President of Content, we discuss the content, ideas, curriculum, and intention around Prepared Montessorian. Learn more about the origin of Prepared Montessorian here. What was the beginning of Prepared… Read more »

The genesis of Prepared Montessorian

Prepared Montessorian is a professional development platform seeking to provide the practicing adult Montessori educator with the “prepared environment” necessary to optimally guide the communities under her care. The whole genesis of our platform was to find a way to help adults become excellent Montessori educators in the shortest amount of time possible with the least… Read more »

Student bond strengthens ATI campus

Upon entering The Academy of Thought and Industry in St. Louis, Mo., it might be the student who greets you first. It also might be the student who’s cleaning the kitchen, implementing a new program in the maker’s space, taking phone calls, or fixing a broken light. There’s teachers there, too, of course, but this… Read more »

ATI feature: Meet Aramis Grant

Aramis Grant was going to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. She wanted to be a news anchor and even received her masters in media and communication. She’s got the charisma, the drive, and the eye contact to do the job well, but education was calling her, too. While receiving her masters, she worked for… Read more »

Texas school shares positive transition to Guidepost Montessori

Earlier this year, Higher Ground Education acquired a new school in Texas, naming it Guidepost Montessori at Brushy Creek. The school had been active in the Cedar Park community for four years. There were 20 staff members and over 100 students among nine classrooms. The parents and teachers were close. But unexpectedly, the head of… Read more »

Guidepost feature: Meet Salem Islas-Madlo

One of the first things you might notice about Salem Islas-Madlo is her warmth and exuberant laugh. Her education credentials along with her charismatic presence make Salem a delightful addition to the Guidepost Montessori team in Vienna.   Salem joins Guidepost with four years of experience as a Montessori Assistant Guide and will be continuing in… Read more »