Author: Jon Glatfelter

Movement in Montessori

If you observe a Montessori classroom in action, that is precisely what you’ll witness – movement. Movement is an integral part of the Montessori method. Children move freely through the prepared environment, choosing a shelf by which to select an activity and a table by which to work. Movement is also deeply tied to social… Read more »

Podcast: Michael Strong chats with entrepreneur Charlie Hoehn

Welcome to Thinking and Doing, The Future of Education. Our host is Michael Strong, the founder of the Academy of Thought and Industry, a network of high schools with campuses in Austin, San Francisco, Manhattan, and St. Louis. This week, he talks with American author, entrepreneur, and public speaker Charlie Hoehn. This episode is brought… Read more »

Duo at Lake Norman lean on one another, inspire Guidepost community

Dolores Murgolo and Tomeka Bostic have been working together since the beginning of Guidepost Montessori, over three years ago. In fact, the growing network of schools that now has nearly 50 campuses worldwide was built from the backs of their own learning, in a little Montessori school in North Carolina. But that was then. Today,… Read more »

Meet Emily Ward: Love for outdoors aligns with passion for the work

The coast of Southern California is beautifully charming — with its salty air and golden horizons — but when Emily Ward gazes toward the sunset, she’s dreaming of the mountains instead. That’s where home is. And although she’s settled in nicely with her family in San Clemente, a peaceful town near the coast, she breathes… Read more »

ATI student on his way to Bard

We had the great pleasure of meeting JP Barbagelata, whom we featured in a brand documentary and a profile video (on the Academy of Thought and Industry website).  When we met JP, he was a junior. Passionate, willful, creative, he had an unmatched spirit. It was instantly recognizable. Infectious, even. JP had transferred to ATI… Read more »

Alex Reznikov

Alex joined Higher Ground in 2020 and has over 13 years of investment banking and financial advisory experience.     Prior to joining Higher Ground, Alex was a Director in the Mergers & Acquisitions group at CIBC Capital Markets, where he spent 10 years advising clients on corporate transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, recapitalizations and financings across a variety… Read more »

Maddy Channen

Maddy is a growth executive who builds businesses, scales operational systems, and turns around companies.   She came from a start-up background and spent several years in management consulting with McKinsey & Co. building digital businesses for banks globally. As an Associate Partner at McKinsey, Maddy shaped four of the firm’s biggest digital transformations worldwide and… Read more »

Jemina (Jea) Villanueva-Vallée

Having attended Montessori schools from toddlerhood through to adolescence, Jemina (Jea) Villanueva-Vallée was first a Montessori child before becoming a Montessori guide, administrator, and trainer.   Jea is an Australian early childhood educator who has spent over 20 years nurturing young children and educators in China and around the globe. She holds an AMI Primary diploma from… Read more »