Author: Jon Glatfelter

Meet Nicholas Munoz: From Security Guard to Elementary Guide

There’s a remarkable story that’s worth being told. It’s about Nicholas Munoz. Earlier this year, he reached out for a job as a security guard for Guidepost Montessori at Hollywood Beach, Florida. Nicholas applied for the position completely out of happenstance, not knowing anything about the Guidepost Montessori network of schools or the Montessori philosophy… Read more »

Erika Somogyi travels the world with a passion for culture, global education

Erika Somogyi is the embodiment of a world citizen. Before taking on her latest role at Polis in New York City, she was already exceedingly familiar with the benefits of travel, cultural enrichment, and language immersion. The Polis School network’s emphasis on nurturing global citizenship and providing access to the abundant cultural offerings of an… Read more »

Meet Terrance Hui: Entrepreneurial experience informs startup culture in China today

Terrance Hui is an absolute force of nature. When you meet him, you can instantly sense his compassion, understanding and go-get-em nature. He’s kind and thoughtful, considerate and passionate and has a wealth of wide-ranging experience.  As the founder of Zeal Labs, which is now part of the Guidepost Montessori family, Terrance shares his perspective… Read more »

Meet Steven Rao: Collaboration, mentorship drives marketing team in China

On the rowing team at the University of Oregon, Steven Rao developed self-discipline, self-motivation and teamwork, all values he passes on to his work today.  “Sports can really help someone grow,” he says. “It’s a new challenge. If you want to do a trick with snowboarding on a mountain or a hill or in a… Read more »

In Montessori, the individual human child matters

Maria Montessori is one of the 20th century’s greatest champions of the well-being of children. Her ideas have directly and indirectly impacted the lives of countless children, and her influence on parents and educators is only growing.   If you read Maria Montessori, however, you’ll notice that she does not talk much about “children.” Rather, she… Read more »

Leader of China offices thrives off mentorship, collaboration

Steve Xu, like so many others at Higher Ground Education, has an amazingly unique story. Based out of Hong Kong, Steve was a banker at UBS, where he found himself intricately involved in covering the education sector.  Over a period of years, he worked on a number of different transactions relating to education. Having the… Read more »

Higher Ground content team visits Guidepost Montessori offices in China

As we landed in Shanghai, peering out the portal of the airplane with anticipation, looking at that glorious cosmopolitan skyline, we set aside all expectations for our travels and conversations ahead. We were there to meet with the Higher Ground Education team in China, to see how we could help support them in their efforts… Read more »

Higher Ground team travels to China for first international school setup

Higher Ground Education’s U.S. and China teams joined together for the organization’s first international school setup in Shanghai during a whirlwind few days last month. Monna Istranyi, N.Y.C.-based International Marketing Manager, noted the impressive display of camaraderie, efficiency, and innovation.   The teams outfitted three classrooms and a common space in a record-breaking three days to help… Read more »

Q&A with Head of School in Vienna: ‘Montessori is appealing to Austrians and expats!’

Katherine Price Beuchert, our Head of School at Guidepost Montessori in Vienna, sat down recently with The Vienna Region, a marketing company based in Austria that supports and connects international entrepreneurs, public institutions, education, and research within Europe and abroad. In the Q&A, Katherine says, “When Higher Ground Education came to Vienna, the Expat Center was the… Read more »

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