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Q&A: Montessori trainings a natural evolution for the organization

Prepared Montessorian, Higher Ground’s professional development platform for the practicing adult Montessori educator, was recently accredited by MACTE. In conversation with Matt Bateman, Higher Ground’s Vice President of Content, we discuss the content, ideas, curriculum, and intention around Prepared Montessorian. Learn more about the origin of Prepared Montessorian here. What was the beginning of Prepared… Read more »

The genesis of Prepared Montessorian

Prepared Montessorian is a professional development platform seeking to provide the practicing adult Montessori educator with the “prepared environment” necessary to optimally guide the communities under her care. The whole genesis of our platform was to find a way to help adults become excellent Montessori educators in the shortest amount of time possible with the least… Read more »

Lessons on Montessori: A Q&A with Lindsay Journo

As one of Higher Ground Education’s founding members, we sit down with Lindsay Journo to discuss Montessori pedagogy. Her work today focuses on teacher training, program quality, and curriculum education for elementary.  How do you know if a child is suitable for Montessori? First, understand that just as children have universal needs for healthy food… Read more »

Student bond strengthens ATI campus

Upon entering The Academy of Thought and Industry in St. Louis, Mo., it might be the student who greets you first. It also might be the student who’s cleaning the kitchen, implementing a new program in the maker’s space, taking phone calls, or fixing a broken light. There’s teachers there, too, of course, but this… Read more »

ATI feature: Meet Aramis Grant

Aramis Grant was going to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. She wanted to be a news anchor and even received her masters in media and communication. She’s got the charisma, the drive, and the eye contact to do the job well, but education was calling her, too. While receiving her masters, she worked for… Read more »

Meet Stephanie Jamison: ‘I don’t work for a vision, I become it’

Maria Montessori once told us, “The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self.”  For many of us, that means seeking and maintaining that which brings us joy, challenge, or achievement. It means striving toward something not to satisfy others, but for our own good. It can mean time, patience,… Read more »

Erika Somogyi travels the world with a passion for culture, global education

Erika Somogyi is the embodiment of a world citizen. Before taking on her latest role at Polis in New York City, she was already exceedingly familiar with the benefits of travel, cultural enrichment, and language immersion. The Polis School network’s emphasis on nurturing global citizenship and providing access to the abundant cultural offerings of an… Read more »

Meet Terrance Hui: Entrepreneurial experience informs startup culture in China today

Terrance Hui is an absolute force of nature. When you meet him, you can instantly sense his compassion, understanding and go-get-em nature. He’s kind and thoughtful, considerate and passionate and has a wealth of wide-ranging experience.  As the founder of Zeal Labs, which is now part of the Guidepost Montessori family, Terrance shares his perspective… Read more »

Meet Steven Rao: Collaboration, mentorship drives marketing team in China

On the rowing team at the University of Oregon, Steven Rao developed self-discipline, self-motivation and teamwork, all values he passes on to his work today.  “Sports can really help someone grow,” he says. “It’s a new challenge. If you want to do a trick with snowboarding on a mountain or a hill or in a… Read more »

In Montessori, the individual human child matters

Maria Montessori is one of the 20th century’s greatest champions of the well-being of children. Her ideas have directly and indirectly impacted the lives of countless children, and her influence on parents and educators is only growing.   If you read Maria Montessori, however, you’ll notice that she does not talk much about “children.” Rather, she… Read more »