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Higher Ground Education acquires LePort Montessori Schools in Northern Virginia

Fairfax, VA (June 10, 2019) — Higher Ground Education Inc. has acquired six of LePort Montessori’s schools in Northern Virginia, a network comprising over 500 students and 150 educators.  This acquisition makes Higher Ground’s own school network the largest dedicated Montessori network in the United States. With this acquisition, Higher Ground now has 28 school locations across… Read more »

The Prepared Montessorian is Creating New Opportunities.

Perhaps the largest tangible preparation happening now is that we’re outfitting our new training center housed adjacent to our central office. Here we’re setting up mock classrooms with all the materials that children typically find in Montessori classrooms and setting up a state-of-the-art learning space for adults to learn how to bring Montessori to children. This… Read more »

Meet Yuwei He: A passion to help others sustains the work

Yuwei He has always wanted to be a helper. This summer, she will celebrate her one-year anniversary at Higher Ground Education, working closely alongside CEO Ray Girn as new schools continue to open across the world and as Montessori continues to grow. She’s there for all of it, helping to talk through ideas, advocating for… Read more »

Introducing our company values

The team at Higher Ground Education recently celebrated our organization’s three-year anniversary. As part of the occasion, we reflected on our mission, which is to modernize and mainstream the Montessori movement, and we talked intimately about the importance of trust, transparency, autonomy, and respect for the work and those around us. These values are placed… Read more »

Meet Monna Istranyi: From education to corporate and back again

Monna Istranyi has always been drawn to education. Today, she runs both marketing and admissions for Polis Montessori World School, but her thoughtful journey to get here included an extensive corporate career first — experiences that only validated what she’s always known: She loves school more. Monna grew up in Shanghai but was eager to… Read more »

Meet Erin Hennigan: Montessori a right fit from the beginning

Years ago, Erin Hennigan was a three-year-old boy, working joyfully in a Montessori classroom. He would engage thoughtfully with the materials, solve conflict peacefully with his peers and believe fully in his capabilities — within the environment and beyond. He remained in a Montessori setting through sixth grade, at which point he entered into more… Read more »

Meet Divij Munjal: Enthusiasm for life sustains the work

At Higher Ground Education, businessman Divij Munjal maximizes his efforts — every day, all the time, “as much as possible.”  He’s new to the organization, but his heart is settled. There is an evident zest for the work that feels established, ingrained, and intuitive.  “I’m very fast-paced,” he says. “It’s in my genes, since I… Read more »

The American Experiment as a Prepared Environment

“Ye that love mankind!” implored Thomas Paine in 1776, “receive the fugitive and prepare in time an asylum for mankind.”  In Paine’s view, the cause animating the American resistance could be extended to all people everywhere. Seeing the rejection of freedom across the world, he longed to welcome the global oppressed to American shores. But… Read more »

Fundamental Barriers to Education Reform

Venture capitalist Paul Graham and others often talk about how winning, world-changing ideas seem obvious in retrospect. We see this also on a historical grand scale: The industrial revolution made the value of science obvious in a way that would have been unimaginable a few hundred years before. In education, there are three transformative ideas… Read more »

The Goals of Montessori Education

Ray Girn, CEO of Higher Ground Education, sits down to answer a fundamental question. “How are the goals of Montessori education different from traditional expectations of education?”