Journal Entry

A Global Strategy

Higher Ground Education (HGE) based in Lake Forest, California, is creating a platform to open and operate great Montessori schools.

While initially focusing our efforts on the children in the United States that would benefit from a Montessori education, we cannot ignore the fact that lack of access to quality Montessori is just as pronounced internationally—or the fact that Montessori is already a massively global movement. Both the challenges for and the opportunity of Montessori education are fundamentally global.

There are thousands of educational entrepreneurs across the world trying to bring Montessori to children in their communities, but they lack the support they need to launch thriving schools. Higher Ground International strives to address this need by providing such entrepreneurs with the tools, trainings, resources, network, perspective, and inspiration needed to succeed in their work.

Higher Ground was founded in 2016 in Lake Forest, California. Last year, Higher Ground opened seven Montessori schools in four states across the United States, with many more in the pipeline.

Since its inception, Higher Ground has reached out internationally, with partners on the ground in Asia and opportunities being actively explored in Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Higher Ground International formalizes and institutionalizes this ongoing work, extending its platform globally and entering into many more partnerships.

HGI is in the process of opening an office in China this year, with HGI Central Europe and HGI Latin America opening in 2019.

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