Journal Entry

ATI student on his way to Bard

San Francisco senior JP Barbagelata was accepted into early admissions at Bard College in New York.

We had the great pleasure of meeting JP Barbagelata, whom we featured in a brand documentary and a profile video (on the Academy of Thought and Industry website). 

When we met JP, he was a junior. Passionate, willful, creative, he had an unmatched spirit. It was instantly recognizable. Infectious, even. JP had transferred to ATI from another local high school to better position himself for college admissions. 

Having recently been been published in Atlas Obscura, he was floating on cloud nine, diligently working to build up his resume. 

The guides at ATI worked closely with JP to help support and nurture his personal projects, including writing and photography. At the same time, they also developed a personalized program to help prepare JP for the SATs, by which he ardently studied. 

Over the winter, JP and his father visited a few different college campuses across the country. He was looking for a small liberal arts school that would allow him to pursue his interests, and support his passions, all the while, offering a topnotch education. 

After a handful of visits, the top on his list was Bard College. A private liberal arts school in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, the campus overlooks the Hudson River, and JP was immediately inspired. We’re very pleased to learn that JP was recently accepted to Bard College via early admission. 

We have no doubts, he will succeed, with flying colors. The motto of Bard College is, “Dabo tibi coronam vitae.” (I shall give thee the crown of life.) Way to go, JP! Good luck! You deserve to wear the crown. 🙂

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