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Introducing The Academy of Thought and Industry: A short brand film

Documentary highlights students and curriculum available at our network of high schools

The Academy of Thought and Industry is a special place. These vibrant communities of thriving students, supported by passionate guides, are explored in this short brand documentary film. The unique nature of the high school program is highlighted through the lens of four remarkable students, each on their own journey to explore their passions and make their way in the world.

While shooting the film in San Francisco, Higher Ground’s content team spent a number of days fully immersed in the lives of the students. We sat in on classes, talked with guides and parents, and, more than anything, enjoyed the company of the students who were willing, eager, and excited to participate and share their remarkable stories. Find three personal video stories here:

JP Barbagelata

Lilia Maturo

Max Navin

ATI differentiates itself with its exceptional, innovative program, which is showcased in these three wonderful segments — on personal coaching, college prep, and the Socratic method. But ATI stands out most of all in the lives of the students and guides featured in this short film.

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