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Meet Divij Munjal: Enthusiasm for life sustains the work

Member of the real estate team passionate to grow the company

At Higher Ground Education, businessman Divij Munjal maximizes his efforts — every day, all the time, “as much as possible.” 

He’s new to the organization, but his heart is settled. There is an evident zest for the work that feels established, ingrained, and intuitive. 

“I’m very fast-paced,” he says. “It’s in my genes, since I was born. I read all the time and try to be ahead of the game and as smart as possible. I like to keep up.” 

Divij is a real estate financial analyst for Higher Ground Education, helping the expansion team to open new schools and grow. Even though his expertise is in business, his family is in education, which has inspired his career trajectory over the years — his father owns a preschool in India, and his mother is the dean of Amity University, one of the biggest private universities in India. 

“With my dad’s school, it was just land when we bought it, so I was there when we built it up. It was growing right in front of me,” Divij says. “It was actually built in a market where a lot of people couldn’t afford it, but we just wanted to get them education! I can see now how education can provide a difference in the world of families who are underprivileged. 

“Education can provide you whatever you want — money, power, fame — but you have to start with the right education. It doesn’t matter how much money you have going into school, it matters how much money you can have in the future. So it’s inspiring to me that my family has helped to make a difference as much as possible.” 

For Divij, he’s making a difference, too. He’s getting to know the markets and understanding where the demographics are favorable for new schools. He’s eager to provide more opportunities for more children in a way that is positive and sustainable. And he’s leaning on a strong team of fellow advocates at Higher Ground who all have a strong vision in mind: To change the educational landscape and modernize Montessori. 

“Everyone here is very sincere in following the vision, and we are very dedicated to growing Montessori,” he says. “I want to be here for the long run and be a large contributor to this change as much as possible,” he says. 

To maintain this momentum, Divij relies on tennis and music. He was in a band while growing up in India and continues to sing today. 

“It’s the performance aspect,” he says. “When I am in front of a huge audience, that’s very satisfying to me. I feel like that adrenaline rush helps me to develop confidence for public speaking or presentations. Singing is a very large part of my life.” 

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