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Meet Nicholas Munoz: From Security Guard to Elementary Guide

Meet Nicholas Munoz: From Security Guard to Elementary Guide

There’s a remarkable story that’s worth being told. It’s about Nicholas Munoz. Earlier this year, he reached out for a job as a security guard for Guidepost Montessori at Hollywood Beach, Florida.

Nicholas applied for the position completely out of happenstance, not knowing anything about the Guidepost Montessori network of schools or the Montessori philosophy of education.

He simply wanted to help take care of others.

“Knowing that I am keeping safe the lives of the children, teachers and staff really gives my job meaning and purpose,” he says. “They’ve come to feel like my family. It’s a really awesome feeling to feel so appreciated at my campus.”

Nicholas is a friendly and welcoming presence at Hollywood Beach. He teaches the students about Star Wars and happily greets families at the start and end of each day. But in his short few months at Guidepost, he began to desire a more active role in the education of the students. He fell in love with Montessori.

“After getting to know the students, seeing how creative, vibrant and full of life they were, I wanted to pursue my own Montessori training,” he says. “They were so engaged with the world around them. They seemed advanced for their age, and it was incredible.”

Having seen an opportunity to pursue his own education within the Higher Ground community, he decided to begin Elementary Training with the Prepared Montessorian initiative.

“I witnessed the guides at Hollywood Beach working in such a unique way with their students,” he says. “It was the kind of teaching I always dreamed I might have had. I immediately wanted to have a more active role in educating and shaping their minds.”

Now seeking his training through Prepared Montessorian, Nicholas is extremely grateful for the opportunity he has been given. With a passion for theater and performing, he wants to someday integrate theater appreciation into his curriculum. He’s excited to begin a new role in education. In such a small amount of time, “I’ve come so far.”

We can’t wait to follow up with Nicholas on his journey.

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