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The genesis of Prepared Montessorian

Learn about how our professional development platform began and how it has evolved toward international partnerships, accreditation

Prepared Montessorian is a professional development platform seeking to provide the practicing adult Montessori educator with the “prepared environment” necessary to optimally guide the communities under her care. The whole genesis of our platform was to find a way to help adults become excellent Montessori educators in the shortest amount of time possible with the least disruption to their lives (i.e., minimizing cost and travel hurdles often associated with Montessori training).

Prepared Montessorian is designed to offer enough upfront to get someone started and then to couple the learning they do along the way with their practice in an actual environment (usually as an assistant guide but even sometimes when an adult learner is already a lead). The training is designed specifically to learn a new principle, concept, or approach and employ it into practice immediately before reconvening and discussing how that new practice worked or didn’t work. This is the equivalent of Montessori’s development of the “hand and of the mind” working in conjunction.

The Prepared Montessorian works under the premise that the greatest need in Montessori education is that there are not enough people who genuinely understand Montessori, are qualified to be a Montessori teacher, or have the skillset to put their knowledge into action with children. This work is designed to increase the quantity of highly trained, excellent Montessori practitioners.

The way to do this is to remove barriers: make it affordable, and make it easier to begin teaching and give support and learning opportunities to improve as one begins practicing. As it is widely accepted that Montessori teachers shouldn’t be expected to be masters in their first years of teaching, Prepared Montessorian is trying to find ways to speed up the process of gaining wisdom previously only thought to be possible through trial and error in the classroom.

Prepared Montessorian employs technology: We offer guided video observations of current challenging circumstances, and we problem-solve as a community, observing with various classroom experiences, video-conferencing with Montessori experts around the world while practicing with materials, and video assessing one’s practice to enhance self-awareness of a guide’s initial strengths and weaknesses. It’s a misconception that distance learning requires compromising on quality. Prepared Montessorian is using technology to enhance programming, to translate it and offer it in multiple languages, and to engage with the world’s Montessori community. Prepared Montessorian has provided professional development experiences (outside of their credential coursework) internationally to introduce a multinational audience into the work they are doing.

Prepared Montessorian has also partnered with networks of Montessori educators who run schools, particularly internationally (i.e., China) through online forums (WeChat) to provide resources and be a home for lively discussion and learning.

While honoring Montessori teacher training as we naturally know it, Prepared Montessorian is an innovative and fresh approach to appropriately preparing future Montessori educators. I sincerely believe partnering with MACTE will encourage more Montessori teacher education programs to consider not only learning from the past and present but also igniting their practices with fresh new ideas.

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