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The Prepared Montessorian

Prepared Montessorian is the training and professional development arm of Higher Ground.

We help leaders and teachers worldwide learn how to better serve children. The mission of the Prepared Montessorian is to provide the adult Montessori educator with the tools, training, resources, perspective, and inspiration—the prepared environment—necessary to optimally guide the children under her care. The Prepared Montessorian will offer its services directly through its professional development platform, and indirectly by supporting and championing others engaged in the great work of preparing Montessori educators.

What does Prepared Montessorian offer globally?

  1. World-class teacher and school leader training deeply rooted in the Montessori Pedagogy that spans childhood from birth-through-high school.
  2. Practical apprenticeship training and directly applicable professional development in our network of schools around the world.
  3. Re-imagining the education career track as an esteemed profession of dignity, a vocation that offers expansive professional development opportunities.
  4. Re-thinking talent recruitment and management in the world of education.

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