Journal Entry

The Prepared Montessorian is Creating New Opportunities.

The Prepared Montessorian is gearing up for an eventful and impactful summer creating opportunities for new guides to learn and grow.

Perhaps the largest tangible preparation happening now is that we’re outfitting our new training center housed adjacent to our central office. Here we’re setting up mock classrooms with all the materials that children typically find in Montessori classrooms and setting up a state-of-the-art learning space for adults to learn how to bring Montessori to children. This summer we will be hosting four different teacher training sessions each targeted to prepare educators to lead Montessori classrooms for a specific age group. We’ll host an infant and toddler training for children from birth to age 3, a Children’s House training for children ages 3 to 6, an Elementary training for school-aged children and an Adolescent training for working with teenagers. We’re excited to bring these groups together at one time in our new training center and seeing first hand what goes on in preparation for educating children all the way from birth to high school.

During these trainings, we will be hosting a visit from an accreditation team from MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education), the only Montessori teacher training accreditors recognized by the US Department of Education. This visit is the largest step in our process to earn their accreditation, a major milestone that the Prepared Montessorian team is working diligently to accomplish. With this accreditation, we will be able to officially certify those who complete our training courses as Montessori-trained educators, opening doors for them and allowing for sustainable career growth opportunities. We couldn’t be prouder of offering such a value to them.

In addition to working with teachers who are new to Montessori, we’ve also been working on creating resources and professional development opportunities for those already in their classrooms. We’ve launched programs for a variety of different interests and needs including training sessions on and/or resources on:

• how to ensure English literacy in Spanish or Mandarin Immersion classrooms
• providing programmatic foundations for guides with a variety of formal training backgrounds in our Montessori Master course that highlights the key pillars of the different areas in a Children’s House Montessori classroom: Math, Language, Practical Life, and Sensorial,.
• becoming a school leader and or a mentor for other teachers
• classroom management or “Classroom Leadership” as we call it.
• Grace and Courtesy, Montessori lessons that provide children with a model for how to behave and respect others.
• talking about Montessori to interested parents
• reimagining the way art, history, and literature integrate into Montessori elementary classrooms
• and many more.

Many exciting things are to come, including future announcements about adding to our already talented team as we bring on experienced Montessori educators into our own trainer of trainers program, preparing them to help us reach even more Montessori educators and elevate their experience, so children can have access to more and more great Montessori schools and teachers.

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