Journal Entry

What is Higher Ground International?

The Montessori movement has been both international and grassroots from its very inception.

Our Mission & Vision

Around the world, across decades, enterprising Montessorians have built thousands of schools and educated countless children—often in the face of immense and varying challenges, fueled by nothing but the conviction that something better is better for children.

Higher Ground International seeks to help bring together and empower the international Montessori community, to help solve these challenges and to accelerate the growth of Montessori worldwide. Our mission is to support Montessorians with the guidance, the systems, the resources, and the people that will help them launch and grow quality Montessori schools wherever they may be.

For every child world-round to have access to high quality Montessori education from birth, every Montessori leader world-round needs comprehensive, effective resources. We envision a future where educators have access to comprehensive Montessori training and ongoing leadership development throughout their careers in education. We envision Montessori leaders connected to a global network that supports, shares, and grows the movement together.

We envision, in short, a cosmopolitan network that serves as a prepared environment for the enterprising, global Montessorian—as a natural extension of Higher Ground’s mission to amplify the efforts of Montessorians.

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