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Academy of Thought and Industry high school launches online courses for summer 2019

Virtual class offerings include writing, astronomy, law, and math

AUSTIN, TX, April 22, 2019 — The Academy of Thought and Industry has launched ATI Online, an offering of virtual classes that will begin this summer. This pilot program is part of a larger network of physical campuses and will add to ATI’s growing global community.

“ATI is renowned for its dialogue-based courses,” says Michael Strong, founder of ATI. “We created ATI Online so that students around the world can learn by means of interactive conversations, and we look forward to widening our platform for engaged learners.”

The Academy of Thought and Industry is a network of high schools for grades 7 through 12 with locations in Austin, San Francisco, New York and St. Louis. These individualized learning communities offer hands-on work, self-directed projects and entrepreneurial endeavors among expert mentors and ambitious peers.

At ATI Online, seven different courses will be offered: In Creative Writing, students will share their work and discuss authors; Astronomy students will explore the question of life on other planets; the Socratic course will discuss beauty; Introduction to Euclid’s Elements will consider how math supports the laws of nature; the course on African Poverty will map out ways in which Africans can become co-creators of Innovation; students in Law, Governance, and Culture will learn about the rapid evolution of human systems; and Personalized Coaching will offer students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with expert mentors.

“If a young adult is interested in thinking about ideas and talking about ideas and is wanting to pursue their interests among trustworthy, like-minded peers, we encourage them to try ATI Online,” Strong says. All courses will begin the week of June 17, will take place twice weekly and will include 12 sessions each. More courses will then be offered throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Registration is now open at, and early bird discounts are available through May 15. Read more about ATI at