Higher Ground Launches Education Think Tank

The Higher Ground Education Team

The Higher Ground Education Team

Montessorium explores the history and philosophy of education and takes a first-principles perspective on educational controversies.

Higher Ground’s growing network of in-person and distance-learning programs are all premised on a distinct approach to education, grounded heavily in Montessori principles and practices, and informed by a broad engagement with the histories of philosophy and education. To further the core of Higher Ground’s mission, the company has launched the think tank, Montessorium.

By articulating Higher Ground’s Montessori philosophy and applying it to a wide range of issues in education, Montessorium will bring clarity, consistency, and depth to Higher Ground’s offerings and to the world of education at large.

“We are fortunate to live in a time where education is becoming a live issue again, both in the personal realm with parents and culturally in society at large,” said Higher Ground’s CEO Ray Girn. “Unfortunately, education is also, as it so often has been, at the nexus of fractious culture wars. With Montessorium, we’re able to step back, zoom out, and think our way through the deepest issues in education, both perennial and topical. We’re able to figure out what’s actually true and good in education.”

Montessorium will launch with research initiatives targeted at issues of identity and diversity, the history of education, educating for awareness of human progress, and more. Contributors and advisors to Montessorium include Chloe Valdary, the founder of Theory of Enchantment; Kmele Foster, partner at Freethink Media; Jason Crawford, founder of The Roots of Progress; Dr. Gregory Salmieri, Senior Scholar at the Salem Center at UT Austin, and more.

Montessorium is the first think tank to focus on Montessori philosophy and the context of Maria Montessori as a historical figure within the timeline of education. It also offers a number of rigorous and engaging courses to the general public, spanning a broad range of education-centered topics, such as The History of Education—aimed at enthusiasts and experts alike—which surveys three millennia of educational thought, focusing on the big picture aims and curricular-pedagogical frameworks in Western education.

Dr. Matt Bateman, a philosopher and member of Higher Ground’s founding team, will be Montessorium’s Executive Director. “Montessorium is a crystallization and encapsulation of things we’ve always done at Higher Ground: fresh takes on big controversies, and a willingness to take the time to figure out what’s actually true. I’m thrilled to be doing more of this work in public. We want to share our thinking with the world.”

Explore research and online courses at Montessorium.

If you have questions, please reach out to leadership@montessorium.com.

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