Partnering to reach more students worldwide

To enable our expansive vision, we are seeking a wide-range of real estate, corporate, school and parent partners to help us bring Montessori education to all corners of the world.

Our goal is to reach over 1 million students in the next five years

School Partnerships

We look to partner with educational institutions who believe strongly in the student centered approach to learning and are actively seeking innovative ways to create community, track student progress, and link parents to their child's learning journey. We partner with schools to offer access to our curricular scope and sequence embedded in our learning technology, robust teacher training and support, and physical curricular materials.

Micro-school Partnerships

We partner with organizations of any type to bring Montessori education into communities across all geographies. Higher Ground works closely with partners to set up Montessori micro-schools that serve small mixed age groups of students in a hybrid learning environment. 

Micro-schools can be launched quickly, with high quality materials shipped on site, and powered by a technology that ensures student progress is tracked and supported with accountability. ​

Central Florida Urban League & Whitney M. Young Academy

In partnership with the Central Florida Urban League, Higher Ground Education has launched the Whitney M. Young Academy powered by the Guidepost Montessori curriculum. Located in downtown Orlando this school has grown from one classroom last year to five classrooms this year serving students from kindergarten through middle school with over 45 students now enrolled.

Through this partnership, we are reaching new communities and students who are typically unable to access a Montessori education. Applying the funds from the Step Up for Students Scholarship in Florida, families pay no additional tuition fees for students to receive a high fidelity Montessori education.

Visit Whitney Young Academy

Prospera & Guidepost Montessori at Roatan

Higher Ground was approached by a partner to open a micro-school in Roatan, Honduras, to serve local families​. Higher Ground opened Guidepost Montessori at Roatan which has grown from 1 elementary classroom for 8 students, to an elementary and a children’s house classroom serving 30 students.

Higher Ground hired and train local staff from the community, provided an expert virtual instructor who coaches both children and teachers until the local teachers are fully trained to serve the students independently.

Visit Guidepost Montessori at Roatan

Parent Pioneers

Parent Pioneers are a small group of very special families. They are early adopters, investors and advocates who are passionate about Higher Ground's mission to bring Montessori education everywhere. Parent Pioneers directly help to establish a new school or program for children in their community. If you or a small group of families are interested in bringing a Montessori to your community, please contact us at

Maria Montessori

Love spurs man to learn. It leads to intimate contact between the thing that is loved and the human spirit, which in turn leads to production. Labor, life, and normal human development result.

Maria Montessori

Foundations & Philanthropic Partnerships

We have it within our power to begin the world over again.

Higher Ground presents three interrelated opportunities for an impact-oriented fund or foundation.

We can drive innovation
Through a radical application of Montessori principles, Higher Ground is creating a comprehensive, scalable educational program from infancy through adulthood. We are innovating in curriculum, assessment, teacher training, parent engagement, backend systems, real estate operations, and more. The right impact partner can accelerate this defining-edge work to transform the way children are educated.

We can drive access
Higher Ground is expanding parents’ ability to access uncompromisingly good, affordable Montessori education. From virtual school programs and home pods, to making our platform accessible to public and private school partners, to growth initiatives leveraging Opportunity Zones, ESAs, vouchers and tax credits, the right impact partner can help enable and accelerate Higher Ground’s reach.

We can affirm values
Higher Ground offers a secular, individualistic, humanistic Montessori approach to knowledge and skill development. This approach, which is not without its critics, helps children transform themselves into capable, intellectually independent, productive adults who have goodwill towards others and contribute positively to the world. The right impact partner can support Higher Ground’s advocacy, thought leadership, and public relations.

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