Higher Ground is changing education

Higher Ground is a network of Montessori schools. And we are much more: we are a platform that unlocks exceptional education at unprecedented scale.

Higher Ground represents a radically different approach to solving education

We aim to develop a platform that consistently transforms foundational inputs—capital, talent, land, and latent demand—into flourishing, unique school communities. Our platform aims to be a vertically integrated engine of scale that enables the growth of exceptional schools.

We are the most extensive and fastest-growing network of Montessori schools worldwide. Our platform consists of five components that together sum to excellence at scale.

Curriculum and pedagogy embedded into technology

Drawing on Montessori pedagogy, we have created a universal humanistic curriculum, the Montessorium Baccalaureate, that offers a complete developmental scope and sequence from birth to adulthood.

  • This curriculum is accessible to educators, parents, and (older) children using a learning technology, Altitude, designed to allow mastery-based progression.
  • Our curriculum delivers original programs that enable structured freedom, rich content, and independent learning from infancy through adulthood.​
  • Our integrated technology allows us to offer continuity across ages and interoperability across channels (brick & mortar, virtual, and at-home)​

Proprietary accredited teacher training

Drawing again on Montessori pedagogy, we believe the prepared adult is indispensable in a child's self-development. Each year, our Prepared Montessorian Institute trains over 1,000 teachers at all levels of Montessori education, from infant programs through high school to school leadership courses.

  • The training, which also deploys Altitude as its learning management system, combines the rigor of an exceptional Montessori training program with on-the-job experience that makes it relevant and impactful. It is not only a preparation for a life of practicing Montessori but is an instance of such practice.

Powerful whole school management system

Nothing fosters scale in education like a great school that is also a great business. We are combining a wide-ranging set of tools. Tools that shape marketing, finance, data management, finance, and more, into a tightly integrated system designed for the educational entrepreneur and the parent.

  • Our Atlas Operating System is the prepared environment that unlocks the potential of our School Leaders to elevate communities and focus on relationships with children, families, and guides.

Innovative real estate financing and operations model

Expanding our school network means creating schools which is as much an art as science. We have built a highly intentional process that includes sourcing, design, value engineering, construction, and school setup.

  • Over time, we are transforming these processes into Terra Firma, a comprehensive system of opening Montessori schools that allows us to create one hundred new schools each year.

A philosophy of education in service of lives fully lived

Underneath everything is a true philosophy of education. Our unique interpretation of Montessori pedagogy and many other influences has converged into a unified philosophy of education.

  • Montessorium is the name of our think tank, which is devoted to the history and philosophy of education, bringing clarity to both timeless issues and current controversies.